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SIMSHIELD - reduce SIM blocking & earn more
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Post SIMSHIELD - reduce SIM blocking & earn more 

SIMSHIELD is a free service that extends the life of your SIM cards by reducing SIM card blocking in your Non-CLI and TDM routes worldwide. SIM cards then last longer, and your route stabilizes with much higher ASR and ACD. We provide this service for FREE to Simbox operators (VoIP providers) and we pay you bonus funds up to $2,000 USD per month for high volume routes.

1. Immediate $250 sign up bonus per route! (limited time only)
2. Up to $2,000 bonus paid to you each month per route! (limited time only)
3. Reduced SIM card blocking
4. Longer SIM card life
5. More revenue with more termination minutes
6. Increased ACD and ASR and more stable routes
7. Custom consultation to help your SIM cards run longer

How are your SIM box SIM cards get blocked:

1. Test Calls. “Anti-Fraud” companies like Fraudbuster, SIGOS & Araxxe all send “test calls” through various voice routes around the world, trying to identify SIM cards inserted into SIM boxes. When the CLI doesn’t match their outbound call, they know the SIM is in a Simbox and they block it. This is the #1 reason your SIM cards get blocked.

2. Pattern Analysis. “Anti-Fraud” companies also identify your SIM box SIM cards by evaluating the call patterns, looking for things like all outbound calls, high call volume, lower ACD, all calls coming from same cell tower, etc.

3. Signaling Analysis. “Anti-Fraud” companies also have the capability to check the fingerprint in the call signaling to see if your SIM card is in a SIM Box. Luckily, this is not widespread yet – because there is no way to counter this detection method currently.

How to avoid SIM card blocking:

Sign up for free with SIMSHIELD. Why? Because we filter your traffic like this:

1. Pattern Analysis. Just like the “anti-fraud” companies, we analyze call patterns that are exhibited by the anti-fraud companies. Their test calls are identified in our pattern analysis based on factors like origination, volume, duration, elasticity, location, and more. This is a very powerful way to identify and blacklist them.

2. HLR Checks. Most of the time, anti-fraud companies don’t activate their SIM cards in the mobile network’s HLR. So, we HLR check all the B party numbers to ensure they are live HLR subscribers. When they are not listed in the HLR, we don’t allow the call to pass.

3. “Press 1 to Continue”. This works in some markets (mostly in Africa). What we can enable is an option to have the caller hear a message asking them to “press 1 to continue the call” which ensures it is a real caller and not a robot “test call”. This works really well, but we caution your use because in some markets it decreases your ASR.

4. Consultation. We will help you understand your blocking issues. Once we’ve filtered out your test calls, your SIM cards will drastically increase their runtime before blocking. Sometimes, this alone will stop ALL blocking of your SIM cards. However, in some markets, if the mobile networks are also using CDR analysis, then you’ll need to do some “human behavior simulation”. This is not as important as test call blacklisting, but sometimes it helps. We will know this once you have connected and we can walk you through the process to protect yourself from this.

Click the Skype icon to chat with us or visit www.simboxshield.com to get started.

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