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Dear Partners,

We Valutel Limited (www.valuetel.co.ke) consulted a company called Adore InfoTech to develop for a Unified Communication System mobile VOIP app (Dialler), VOIP Switch.

We paid the first payment of $6,500 the a follow of the remaining balance to a tune of $12,000 the second phase was to pay for whole VOIP route for testing and initial deposit they requested $6,000 which we complied.

When we started testing the routes they gave us a rate without any formal agreement, on our side we got a provider to send us traffic and started pushing calls. The agreed route was supposed to be pure CLI they gave a rate which we compared with market it made sense that we will make profit this was way to fool us a trap to send them our cash.

We started testing the calls and to our surprise all calls failed with very bad quality we made complains that led them to change providers 3 times one month passed as we were testing calls we later came to find out they gave cheap bad quality route again which was against what we agreed upon.

We eventually lost all our traffic providers since no company will like to push traffic where calls fail we stressed out this issue from email Skype to no resolution. Since we lost all our providers they finally admitted that the route provider was at fault so they went directly to tier one carrier now key challenge was that they rate they came up with very high and canít get traffic so we got stuck again so we asked to get us traffic since we cannot be able to find.

They got one company from Zambia who only made one call for a whole week again we got stuck. Again we had to aggressively look for another company for traffic we got another company for traffic and even signed an agreement with them now when it came to testing the calls its now past 14 days no calls we have tested since mid December. Each month we are paying for servers which we are not working also this was our core business paying for rent internet among other expenses.

As we speak we are still in the same situation even after they said that all their team members are still on holidays they only work Monday to Friday. They claim their support is 24 hours but fail to address any issue.

They used to respond well before we send the airtime money when we fully paid them even went to get a loan to finance the remaining part of the project they have delivered nothing.

We have asked numerous times through email to show us whatís our credit balance they have never answered always ignored us that means they have used our money for something else and buying time for us with endless solutions.

In addition instead of using only one server we now are paying for two what is the use of providing unifified communication system while using two diffrent servers i think this is the third month still paying for servers which are not working. To add on we are new to this business and its prudent that the service provider should offer guidance and advice Adore have the right tools and skills to make this work why put us in project that we funded that is designed to fail in all aspects.

We are a business when you send an email you are supposed to get a reply when an ISO certified company like Adore offer poor support. The amount of time they waste on project is so long so for any new client run away from Adore very unprofessional in service delivery.

All our efforts to seek audience with the owner have been futile the onwer does not take to client so we are left at the mercy of the support team.

We have bank receipts and also evidence of our communication with Adore Infotech.

The app they developed for us has to many errors when you asked for things to be changed they say thatís extra cost this whole project is over for lack of service delivery, wastage of time as well using our hard earned cash for their own other work, We have requested numerous occasions for refund which they have denied us at all it does not make sense if you cannot deliver give us back our cash we go to serious company who have our interest at heart other than a company who is just using us.

We are foreign company in Africa and now have to seek legal means of getting justice for our money itís a shame that a company with a big name like a Adore are doing this for people like us our company name is Valuetel www.valuetel.co.ke from Kenya East Africa we need justice.

Anybody who can offer us help as well as spread the message about this company is highly appreciated.


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